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State Tourism Office Budget Dashboard (FY 2020-21)

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An overview of State Tourism Offices (STOs) total funding, funding dedicated to marketing/promotion, other revenue, funding sources and staff breakdowns for FY 2020-2021. Includes changes in funding compared to the prior fiscal year.

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Inbound Market Profile: EU (2020/21)

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Market profile, which reflects the virtual stagnation of inbound travel from the E.U., while highlighting the need for eliminating our 15-month travel ban with all Schengen-zone countries.

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Inbound Market Profile: Canada (2020/21)

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Market profile, which reflects the staggering pandemic declines from our top inbound market, while highlighting the need for an immediate opening of our northern land border

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Fact Sheet: Travel's Dramatic Losses in 2020

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Key travel data showcasing the dramatic losses suffered by the travel industry in 2020.

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Inbound Market Profile: UK (2020/21)

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Market profile, which reflects the staggering pandemic declines from our top overseas market (UK) while highlighting the potential economic benefit of a U.S.-U.K. travel corridor

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Fact Sheet: International Inbound Travel (2020)

media Answer Sheet: Inbound Travel to the U.S. (2014) Report Image

An overview of the devastating effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on inbound travel in 2020

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Top 20 Travel Export Markets (2019)

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Ranking of top U.S. travel export markets, and breakdown of travel exports by categories. Also includes travel imports and travel trade balance

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Travel and Trade (2019)

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An analysis of the incredible—yet not so obvious—impact of international inbound travel on the U.S. trade balance.

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International Inbound Travel

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General fact sheets and individual country profiles illustrating the United States' top inbound visitation markets, international travel spending in the U.S., and global travel trends.

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Cartogram: International Inbound Travel to the U.S. (2019)

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A map of the world, with all countries sized by their residents' share of global visitations to the U.S.

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