In collaboration with Rove and Uber Media, U.S. Travel is offering an enhanced dashboard that monitors daily unique mobile devices across more than 20 U.S. National Parks.

What data is covered?

The dashboard provides a representative sample of daily mobile device visits including breakouts by:

  • Date ranges (day, month, year)
  • State
  • Traveler segments (local residents, in-state, domestic and international)
  • Origin markets (by country, state and MSA)
  • Distance traveled
  • Length of stay

How frequently is the dashboard updated?

Data begins April 2021 and is updated once a month.

How do I use the dashboard?

This dashboard can serve as a leading indicator to help track the recovery of the travel industry from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Browse data in the dashboard by selecting a state, individual National Park or multiple states or National Parks. Specific date ranges, travel segments and/or origin markets can be applied as filters and will impact the entire dashboard.

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